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Co-ordination of care at the end of life: a carer's view;

An article in the European Journal of Palliative Care; Nov/Dec 2014; Vol 21, No 6

Communication from an Interpreter's Perspective; ,br>
An article in Getting the Message Across, ed. by Jennifer Wiggins & Anna Middleton; Oxford University Press 2013 (ISBN 978 0 19 975741 1)

Going the Extra Mile;

An article based on my experiences as an interpreter that describes good and indifferent practices of health care professionals. Relating Experience, ed. by Malone, Forbat, Robb and Seden; ROUTLEDGE 2005 (ISBN 0 415 32658 3)

Disaster Recovery;

An account of a community centre in Gyumri, Armenia, fifteen years after the 1988 earthquake. Community Care; Issue 1483 August 2003

Piggy in the Middle;

On the unintended consequences of using an interpreter on communication between professionals and the users of their services. Social Work and Law, ed. Cull & Roche, MACMILLAN 2001; (ISBN 0 333 94587 5)

Social Work Education and Practice sans Frontieres;

An analysis of an imaginative project carried out by French and UK social work colleagues who attempted to explore intercultural differences in practices in an unusual way. Issues in Social Work Education
vol 14.1.1994 (ISSN 0261-4154)

Linking Personal Problems and Social Issues;

Biographical recording of the life story of a woman who suffered domestic abuse, and whose children were abused by her partner.
Practice, vol 6.2 1993 (ISSN 0950-3153)

Accountability and Assessment in Community Care Implementation;

A discussion of the implications of the division into purchasers and providers for professional accountability. Critical Social Policy Issue 36, 1992/3 (ISSN 0261 - 0183)

Developing and Assessing Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Racist Practice;

An account of the development and assessment of anti-racist social work practice in the early 1990's. Issues in Social Work Education vol. 12.2, 1992 (ISSN 0261 - 4154)

On Record and Open to Question;

A discussion on open access for clients to records.
Social Work Today 18.1.90

Learning through Empowerment;

On the importance of empowering users of services. SWT 16.11.89

Who Directs Power in Talking with Parents?

Power issues in the communication between parents and professionals.
SWT 28.9.89

Decision Making and Justice: Do they Register?

Decision making in child protection work. Published in SWT 3.8.89

Involving Parents:

Setting up a parents room in a special school. Maladjustment and Therapeutic Education, vol 6.3,1988 (ISSN 0264 -4614)

Statementing and the 1981 Education Act: the Process of Decision Making.

CRANFIELD PRESS 1987 (ISBN 0 947563 991)


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